Meaning of atrophied in English:


Pronunciation /ˈatrəfɪd/

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  • 1(of body tissue or an organ) wasted away or rudimentary.

    ‘atrophied muscles’
    • ‘in some beetles, the hindwings are atrophied’
    • ‘Victims of mustard gas poisoning were found to have atrophied lymphoid tissue.’
    • ‘Damp and heat can invade the spleen causing atrophied muscles.’
    • ‘For almost a year I visited orthopedists and rheumatologists to find a solution to my now completely atrophied right leg.’
    • ‘Her atrophied legs are swagged in black silk stockings.’
    • ‘I have identified atrophied muscles and slowly built their strength.’
    • ‘The extra demand for cortisol cannot be met by the atrophied adrenal glands.’
    • ‘Her brain was severely atrophied, weighing less than half of what it should have.’
    • ‘All of her leg muscles are severely atrophied.’
    • ‘Her atrophied back muscles and damaged vertebrae have not slowed her down.’
    • ‘She was born without legs and with a seriously atrophied hand.’
    • ‘The treatment has left him unable to raise his atrophied left arm above his chest.’
    • ‘We must find ways to move each day and rebuild those atrophied tissues.’
  • 2Having lost effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect.

    ‘the atrophied global economy contains numerous areas of chronic weakness’
    • ‘We've got a wave of young people about to graduate, who are entering this atrophied job market for the first time.’
    • ‘That's a line of thought that leads quite swiftly to atrophied liberty.’
    • ‘Somehow it never entered their atrophied minds that for them to truly "win" they would require someone with the experience and toughness to succeed.’
    • ‘Once elected, those atrophied policy skills will have to be deployed.’
    • ‘This is a symbol of an atrophied popular culture.’
    • ‘Businesses without political protection will see atrophied sales.’
    • ‘What recommendations do you have for some sort of self-study program so I can refresh my almost completely atrophied skills?’
    • ‘It is a wake-up call to the now-grown-up Christopher's atrophied imagination.’
    • ‘The story was deeply distasteful to both sides of our atrophied political debate.’
    • ‘The delay is proof of the insincerity of the president's campaign promises to overhaul the country's atrophied transportation networks.’