Meaning of ATSIC in English:


Pronunciation /ˈatsɪk/


  • ‘the Army provided support to the indigenous communities selected by ATSIC’
    • ‘ATSIC has recently come under fire from the Minister for perceived conflict of interest at the level of the ATSIC Board of Commissioners.’
    • ‘For all its difficulties, ATSIC has overseen important initiatives.’
    • ‘The troubles at ATSIC highlight a number of issues peculiar to indigenous organisations.’
    • ‘Even then, ATSIC boundaries cut across existing regions, at least in NSW.’
    • ‘The abolition of ATSIC conforms to neo-liberal forms of governance at a number of levels.’
    • ‘An ATSIC discussion paper on reforming indigenous economic development proposes to establish a new statutory authority called Indigenous Business Australia.’
    • ‘The one really large program for which ATSIC remained responsible was the Community Development Employment Projects.’
    • ‘At the 1999 ATSIC elections, only 22 per cent of those eligible voted.’
    • ‘The end of ATSIC is a case of a government trying to divest itself of responsibility in line with neo-liberal ideology.’
    • ‘She later became a prominent public servant and chairperson of ATSIC in Canberra.’