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Pronunciation /əˈtatʃt/

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  • 1Joined, fastened, or connected to something.

    ‘please complete the attached form’
    • ‘a ground floor bedroom with a toilet attached’
    • ‘Although the report was headlined as showing a ‘major explosion’ in racist sentiment, the attached documentation told a rather different story.’
    • ‘Due to public demand for the scheme, it has now been decided to collect textiles every week with recyclable materials once they are packed separately in clear plastic bags with a sticker attached.’
    • ‘A cheque for £85 is attached, to cover repairs.’
    • ‘Seeing lines of big 4x4s with horse boxes attached lining country lanes can engender a feeling of resentment that the rich are having their sport while ignoring the locals.’
    • ‘I took the attached photos when I returned the next morning.’
    • ‘Can you please put the attached document on the intranet ASAP.’
    • ‘When he arrived at Birch Park Sorting Office in Huntington, he was given a brown envelope with a second-class stamp attached and asked to pay the 64-pence postage that was owed on the letter.’
    • ‘You know, this book is generally spoken of as if it proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that all publishers are fools who couldn't recognise a bestseller if it came with two years of sales figures attached.’
    • ‘The skis seem a bit silly - a floppy 2m in length and barely 4cm wide, attached only to the toe of an attractive, if balletic, soft silver boot.’
    • ‘You are returning the $900 dress because it really doesn't fit, despite wearing it to Saturday night's ball, with the tags still attached.’
    • ‘When the group was performing in Muntilan, East Java, a spectator, a woman, threw him some cigarettes with an attached note, requesting an introduction.’
    • ‘No cover note was attached and the details of how the faxed document was sent seemed to have been lost, according to tribunal lawyers.’
    • ‘If it was my mistake for signing and not entering the gross income, what about the person who was supposed to compare the figures I entered with the figures on the attached documents?’
    • ‘An interim report from the Health and Safety Executive, released on Tuesday, said that the points broke under intolerable stress because two pairs of vital nuts were not attached.’
    • ‘The attached letter informs the offending parties of their apparent error, and goes on to explain the correct use of the apostrophe with the help of several examples.’
    • ‘A copy of these standard documents is attached as appendix B to this report.’
    • ‘However, no supporting documents were attached as exhibits.’
    • ‘The email had a Microsoft Word document attached.’
    • ‘We refer to your letter of June 10, 2004, a copy of which is attached for your reference.’
    • ‘Any relevant medical conditions should be stated and a supporting letter from a doctor must be attached.’
    • ‘Please find attached a summary of my progress thus far.’
    • ‘They have price tickets and bar codes attached.’
  • 2Full of affection or fondness.

    ‘during the journey Mark became increasingly attached to Tara’
    • ‘In other words, women often get attached before their cognitive machinery is up and running at full throttle.’
    • ‘How reliably and lovingly caregivers behave determines how securely attached children become.’
    • ‘It's weird how attached you can get to an inanimate collection of metal and plastic, isn't it?’
    • ‘Dull or not, it's amazing how attached you get to them all the same.’
    • ‘It's funny how attached you can become to your daily dose of blogs.’
    • ‘I think what stopped me was how attached I was to Devon.’
    • ‘No matter how attached you may be to a real pet residing at your home, cleaning up after a virtual pet is much easier than cleaning up after the real variety.’
    • ‘I realized then that I was starting to become attached to him.’
    • ‘And don't take anything you are too attached to - our clothes had a funny habit of getting lost in various laundries, or coming back even dirtier than they already were.’
    fond of, devoted to, full of regard for, full of admiration for
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    1. 2.1Married or having an established romantic or sexual partner; not single.
      ‘she's cute—is she attached?’
      • ‘I already said she is attached, why are you still so persistent in wanting her number?’
      • ‘When asked if things will be different now as he is attached, he sniggered: "I can still fall in love easily!"’
      • ‘People get confused - they think maybe I'm not attached because I don't wear a ring.’
      • ‘She thinks he's very cute, but nothing came of it because he was attached to Kristen - and it's not her style to steal someone else's man.’
      • ‘Although she's not attached to anyone romantically in real life, she could've fooled fans with her on-screen chemistry with her costar in the movie.’
  • 3attached toAppointed to (an organization) for special or temporary duties.

    ‘he was attached to Military Intelligence’
    • ‘While he was attached as medical officer to a mounted infantry brigade, a party came under heavy fire by the Boer.’
    • ‘From there he went to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at La Jolla, southern California, to which he was attached for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘He was attached as a mechanic to the artillery division of the 1st U.S. Cavalry in Iraq.’
    1. 3.1(of an organization) affiliated to (a larger organization)
      • ‘a science policy agency attached to the Council of Ministers’