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Pronunciation /əˈtɛm(p)t/

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[with object]
  • 1Make an effort to achieve or complete (something difficult)

    ‘she attempted a comeback in 2001’
    • ‘troops shot civilians who attempted to flee’
    • ‘Trying to cement her position she pushes the team into attempting an exceptionally difficult human pyramid move.’
    • ‘That's when she was forced to attempt the most difficult vault of the competition over a kneeling horse.’
    • ‘The purpose of this article is to attempt the difficult task of trying to describe how the Indians developed this ingenious system.’
    • ‘Mendelssohn did not attempt his very difficult task until he felt himself fully equal to it.’
    • ‘It's a good time to encounter difficult people or attempt arduous tasks.’
    • ‘He attempted a comeback in mid-May against Berwick Bandits but pulled out because of intense pain.’
    • ‘More changes are now afoot at the school as it attempts to achieve the status of a Specialist Science College.’
    • ‘Without such an effort, attempting to improve the situation is like building a house on a sand dune.’
    • ‘The unions have attempted throughout this difficult time to be open and honest.’
    • ‘To be fair, over the next few days my true love did at least attempt to make an effort.’
    • ‘Billy is nearly 30 but he is encouraged to attempt a comeback after he floors a man in a bar room brawl and begins to believe that he can still be a success.’
    • ‘He also knows that the risk is compounded when a company attempts to achieve such a growth rate by taking on entirely new types of projects, as he plans to do.’
    • ‘He is being deliberately obscure and difficult because his work attempts to short-circuit the way you are thinking.’
    • ‘This is the idea that one attempts to achieve enlightenment to benefit others.’
    • ‘I can't see a small village in Russia achieving or even attempting that.’
    • ‘If we do that, then these people have been successful in what they're attempting to achieve.’
    • ‘There is no getting away from the fact the bill does not even attempt to resolve the difficult issues underlying and surrounding it.’
    • ‘Some women attempt to achieve a compromise of sorts through relationships with several men.’
    • ‘There is always the possibility that they will attempt to achieve a medical qualification for example, in another country.’
    • ‘Many who marry attempt to achieve a strong, enduring bond based primarily on emotions.’
    • ‘Glasgow may be the first European university to attempt such a venture, but it will certainly not be the last.’
    • ‘On the other hand, not to attempt to achieve an independent life is to be left out of the dominant culture.’
    • ‘Finally the three men attempted the climb but after a day of avalanches they decided to stop.’
    • ‘A group of six local people will attempt to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in as short a time as possible.’
    try, strive, aim, venture, endeavour, seek, set out, do one's best, do all one can, do one's utmost, make an effort, make every effort, spare no effort, give one's all, take it on oneself
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    1. 1.1Try to climb to the top of (a mountain)
      ‘the expedition was the first to attempt Everest’
      • ‘These expeditions were the only ones to receive permission to attempt Everest from either Nepal or Tibet until the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research was granted permission from Nepal for two expeditions in 1952.’
      • ‘Avoiding this decision is why so many who have attempted Everest's peak have perished.’
      • ‘And in 2005, Robert and Edwin attempted Everest without oxygen, beaten back only by gale-force wind on summit day, despite feeling strong and fit.’
    2. 1.2 archaic Try to take (a life)
      • ‘he would not have attempted the life of a friend’


  • 1An effort to achieve or complete a difficult task or action.

    with infinitive ‘an attempt to halt the bombings’
    • ‘I passed my motorcycle test at the first attempt at the age of 17.’
    • ‘I refuse to talk about my abortive attempt at qualifying for the Hanley Cup lest I depress myself even more.’
    • ‘I was fortunate enough to undergo successful IVF treatment at the first attempt, resulting in the birth of twin daughters.’
    • ‘Now there is very little to prevent them from making history and advancing beyond a World Cup group at the first attempt.’
    • ‘Drivers who pass their test at the first attempt should be made to do it again.’
    • ‘Officials mustered a security force of thousands in the area around the hall, part of an effort to thwart any attempt at a repeat attack.’
    • ‘His half-hearted attempt at a palace coup in 1600 led to his execution.’
    • ‘I made a small speech thanking all and sundry for their efforts, before a disastrous attempt at telling a joke.’
    • ‘The implication of such involvement was an attempt to deceive, a successful attempt at the big lie.’
    • ‘Through dry, cracked lips, I began a feeble attempt at reassurance, but was immediately interrupted.’
    • ‘Any effort to aestheticize or commodify art is an attempt at censorship.’
    • ‘The result was less an attempt at analysis, than several dozen fragmented experiences and opinions.’
    • ‘If they are to gain promotion at the first attempt they will have done it against the odds.’
    • ‘After many unsuccessful attempts, the first successful attempt at scaling this mountain was in 1913.’
    • ‘Perhaps most difficult of all is the attempt to achieve independence within the same field.’
    • ‘The monument was erected as a tribute to three people who died trying to halt tanks during the coup attempt.’
    • ‘The rushing floodwaters and torrential rain made communication difficult, and rescue attempts failed repeatedly.’
    • ‘Over recent years there has been a spate of deaths in the area resulting from trampers becoming lost and rescue attempts proving difficult.’
    • ‘But it is difficult to regard these attempts as more than mere tokenism.’
    • ‘This is an attempt to overturn our elections.’
    • ‘The documentary, due out in the autumn, will follow a mountaineering novice on his attempt to conquer Everest.’
    • ‘No one I've spoken to even cares that people were killed in the attempt.’
    effort, endeavour, try, bid, venture, trial, experiment
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    1. 1.1An effort to surpass a record or conquer a mountain.
      ‘an attempt on the unclimbed north-east ridge’
      • ‘He now says that his attempt on the world record will be put back at least a couple of months while he attempts to overcome the problem with the compressed air.’
      • ‘The attempt on the single-handed record could be a two-trimaran race.’
      • ‘He had to postpone a previous attempt on the record at Elvington because of technical problems.’
      • ‘So he approached Reynolds and asked to use the plane for a solo attempt on the world record.’
      • ‘So, before the race in Oxford, I didn't really know if we would be able to go ahead with our attempt on the record.’
      • ‘As part of this campaign they will take part in a world record attempt on April 30 this year.’
      • ‘The British Buggy Club is also using the event to make an attempt on the buggy version of the land speed record.’
      • ‘The meeting had a massive list of international competitors and they helped to attract a creditable crowd despite the very blustery conditions which ruled out record attempts.’
      • ‘She was always up for a challenge and continued to make record attempts until the beginning of the war.’
      • ‘Climbers report at least another two people have failed to return from attempts on the mountain, although their deaths have still to be confirmed.’
      • ‘Regular land speed record attempts are also held here.’
      • ‘The entrepreneur, famed for his love of daredevil world record attempts, said he hoped to be aboard the first tourist flight into space.’
      • ‘The salt flats are not unused to record breaking attempts.’
      • ‘In the 1950s, the rules said pacemakers could not be used in record attempts.’
      • ‘Mike was in full control of his bike at all times, but was given directions and driving advice by a friend who rode along behind him during the record attempt.’
      • ‘I have been preparing for the record attempt since Christmas.’
      • ‘They had to give up their record attempt because it was not windy enough.’
      • ‘It means we can never again take part in a record attempt like this.’
      • ‘Phil set off at 10 pm on Thursday evening in far from ideal conditions for a record attempt.’
      • ‘But, we are well situated in terms of out attempt on the mountain and in our camp.’
      • ‘The dad-of-four had five attempts at the record over a mile-long stretch of airfield.’
      • ‘My previous attempt at the record was a valiant attempt to drive the car while tied up by one leg.’
    2. 1.2A bid to kill someone.
      ‘Karakozov made an attempt on the Tsar's life’
      • ‘But critics point out that John Paul II was not killed by the attempt on his life, as the text foretold.’
      • ‘This was no easy task and several attempts were made on his life by chieftains who feared that he was going to take their kingdoms.’
    3. 1.3A thing produced as a result of trying to make or achieve something.
      ‘she picked her first attempt at a letter out of the wastebasket’
      • ‘As I wait for the next workshop image, I write this article as my first attempt at humor.’
      • ‘Sue designed the website herself and for a first attempt at web design it is an ambitious project!’
      • ‘Here's my attempt at re-creating a salad from some Italian joint on The Hill back in St. Louis.’
      • ‘This is my second attempt at a blog, I hadn't posted to my other one in ages and I wasn't too happy with it so I've scrapped it and started again.’
      • ‘They all wore some attempt at full armour, usually the odd vest of ring mail or skull cap.’
      • ‘What was considered as an amateur attempt at photography by him, this photo turned his life forever.’
      • ‘To the right you'll see my aborted attempt at a National Poetry Month Poster Contest entry.’
      • ‘However, this book is the first attempt at consolidating all information in one volume.’


Late Middle English from Old French attempter, from Latin attemptare, from ad- ‘to’ + temptare ‘to tempt’.