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Pronunciation /əˈtɛnd/

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[with object]
  • 1Be present at (an event, meeting, or function)

    ‘the whole sales force attended the conference’
    • ‘her family were not invited to attend’
    • ‘The rest of the week will find her in planning meetings or attending the planned events.’
    • ‘Mr Jones was unable to attend the meeting of creditors as he is in hospital undergoing tests and awaiting heart surgery.’
    • ‘He stressed that York Council officials would be invited to attend the meeting to explain the proposals.’
    • ‘Everyone is invited to attend the event, which is set to get the festivities off to a good start.’
    • ‘On the day we returned to work, we were all forced to attend meetings.’
    • ‘As the wife of a town councillor I have attended many enjoyable events and have yet to see anyone unable to carry out any specific duty.’
    • ‘Anyone with an interest in drama who would like to get involved with the group is invited to attend the meeting.’
    • ‘People are invited to attend a meeting at the town hall on November 10 at 7.30 to discuss the issue.’
    • ‘Everyone is invited to attend this meeting as it is something which affects all the community.’
    • ‘All interested adults, parents and young people are invited to attend this meeting.’
    • ‘Best wishes were sent to Anne Davies, the current Chairman, who was unable to attend the meeting.’
    • ‘Letters were distributed to those parents who were unable to attend the meeting.’
    • ‘All those listed as prizewinners are asked to attend the presentation ceremony.’
    • ‘Anybody interested in supporting this campaign is invited to attend this first meeting.’
    • ‘All former players and their partners are invited to attend the event, which will feature live music.’
    • ‘Ms Hall was also honoured in the presentation, but was unable to attend the ceremony.’
    • ‘There will be a representative from Crumlin Hospital attending the function to accept the cheque.’
    • ‘The awards will be presented by a surprise celebrity and other stars will attend the event.’
    • ‘As it happened, Einstein was unable to attend the ceremony in Stockholm.’
    • ‘Prince Andrew has been invited to attend the ceremony and there will also be a surprise celebrity guest.’
    • ‘She still plants flowers every spring, still bakes and sews, entertains friends, attends social events and confesses to a secret addiction to soap operas.’
    • ‘More and more Russians spectators are attending Finland's musical events.’
    • ‘The 300 people attending the exclusive function consumed 600 bottles of Moet et Chandon.’
    be present at, be at, be there at, sit in on, take part in
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    1. 1.1Go regularly to (a school, church, or clinic)
      ‘all children are required to attend school’
      • ‘Some schools insist on seeing baptism certificates or letters from local clergy confirming that a family regularly attends church before they will offer a place to a child.’
      • ‘Fewer than one Scot in eight regularly attends church.’
      • ‘Both my husband and I grew up attending church regularly and we are Christians.’
      • ‘He said the authority wanted to help and support schools and families to make sure pupils attended school regularly.’
      • ‘He has been married for 15 years to his childhood sweetheart, has a delightful family, and attends church regularly.’
      • ‘She attends Sunday school regularly, which is where most of her friends are.’
      • ‘He also has a strong distrust of organised religion, and does not regularly attend church.’
      • ‘However, on my road to recovery I was required to attend private hospital day clinic.’
      • ‘He began attending mosque regularly when he left school in 1998.’
      • ‘Shannon attends regular clinics and will probably do so for the rest of her life, but the change in her is dramatic.’
      • ‘Remember you don't have to attend church on a regular basis to get involved; everyone is welcome.’
      • ‘Their children were mostly of high school age or attending university which required a great deal of money.’
      • ‘People do not attend chapel and church as much as they used to, so the traditions are slowly dying out.’
      • ‘Children between the ages of five and fifteen are required by law to attend school.’
      • ‘During the season, the team regularly attends chapel, for readings and songs.’
      • ‘She knew William had attended a boarding school but presumed that he returned home regularly over the holidays.’
      • ‘Their youngest daughter, of primary age, attends a state school but may go to a private secondary, a trend which could leave private primaries particularly vulnerable.’
      • ‘Katerina is from an upper middle class family and attends a private school.’
      • ‘My middle daughter is in northern Israel attending high school with American kids for two months.’
      • ‘If you are attending high school and have plans for going to college, then this article is for you!’
      • ‘University meant freedom, but you had to be motivated: nobody was forced to attend lectures.’
      • ‘He was re-elected and now attends council meetings unaccompanied by a translator.’
  • 2attend tono object Deal with.

    ‘he muttered that he had business to attend to’
    • ‘The man leading a takeover bid for one of the UK's biggest insurance companies today said he had unfinished business to attend to when the deal was done.’
    • ‘The world's prospective nuclear arsenals cannot be dealt with without attending to its existing ones.’
    • ‘I was talking with some colleagues the other day about young managers and, how today, there are so many areas of responsibility that they have to attend to and deal with.’
    • ‘As soon as I had collected my handbag and the papers, I left my office and went to attend to my post and deal with other College business.’
    • ‘I was busy attending to customers, dealing with all kinds of transactions.’
    • ‘The coach might also be a manager, attending to details as wide-ranging as contract negotiations and racket stringing.’
    • ‘Thankfully one of the organisers quickly attended to the problem so the room did not need to be evacuated.’
    • ‘Fire crews dealt with the blaze before attending to a diesel spillage at Narberth Bridge and making the road safe after an accident involving two cars at Robeston Wathen.’
    • ‘He said those teachers who sign in at school and then leave for the day to attend to personal matters, should be dealt with by principals.’
    • ‘There's important business to attend to and we want to deal with that business.’
    • ‘In the past, political confrontations with the state and struggles over budgetary allocations distracted us from attending to the poor management of the public university.’
    • ‘How long would you take to attend to that sort of matter?’
    • ‘All three retirees plan to relax and complete chores they haven't managed to attend to during their lengthy careers.’
    • ‘However in practice there has to be some sort of body of people whose daily work is attending to government so we have elections every few years.’
    • ‘The good time manager reduces the number of routine tasks he attends to and raises the number of tough jobs he tackles.’
    • ‘The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the formation of a new club, which will hopefully attend to the following aims.’
    • ‘Consider what you must attend to as you walk down Piccadilly.’
    • ‘In 1903, for example, Meyer urged his Tuesday evening Keswick listeners to attend to things that were wrong in their lives.’
    • ‘He had no authority towards Kaelesha's children, and more pressing matters to attend to than listening to taunts.’
    • ‘It is also worthwhile attending to scuffs and other marks that you have grown used to living with over the years, as these may be the little things that may put off prospective buyers.’
    • ‘There are some practical details to attend to before the interview.’
    • ‘The end of end-of-life care means attending to the dead.’
    • ‘I shrugged slightly and pretended to discover a dark spot on my sleeve, which I immediately attended to with the greatest care.’
    deal with, cope with, see to, address, manage, organize, orchestrate, make arrangements for, sort out, handle, take care of, take charge of, take responsibility for, take in hand, take forward, take up, undertake, tackle, give one's attention to, apply oneself to
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    1. 2.1Give practical help and care to; look after.
      ‘the severely wounded had two medics to attend to their wounds’
      • ‘each of the beds in the intensive-care unit is attended by a nurse’
      • ‘They were on the ground attending to the children with care and attention.’
      • ‘If you have foot complications from diabetes, it's best that a podiatrist trims your nails and attends to other foot care on a regular basis.’
      • ‘The Missoula sisters' primary goals were providing physical care and attending to their patients' spiritual well-being.’
      • ‘It makes a woman feel sufficiently attended to and cared for.’
      • ‘Finish the nursing care, attend to patient needs, do what is important to you, what satisfies you as a nurse.’
      • ‘This scene is familiar to some mental health care workers as they attend to trauma victims.’
      • ‘It is that time in mid season which makes it a good idea to attend to the care of your lawn.’
      • ‘Dr Denny enjoys solving the wide range of problems he attends to as a general practitioner in Melton.’
      • ‘She was attended to by a nurse at the health care unit but was pronounced dead at 9.55 pm.’
      • ‘I could spot Kalani and her assistants attending to the wounded.’
      • ‘She assists a nurse attending to a patient at the Canberra Area Medical Unit.’
      • ‘What unfolds is a remarkable exposition of how the author developed her listening skills from attending to children with terminal illnesses.’
      • ‘The organizations limit themselves to attending to injured animals and advising residents on how best to reduce the negative impact of humans on wildlife.’
      • ‘So how does he contribute to this process and help attend to my psychological well being?’
      • ‘Other managers attended to their subordinates' agitated feelings so that the employees could maintain continuity in delivering services to the customers.’
      • ‘How organizations attend to a rich range of employees' emotions could facilitate or hinder the progress of ambitious change.’
      • ‘Most of the annoying things children do can be dealt with very effectively by ignoring them and attending to children when they behave more maturely.’
      • ‘I'll attend to you in a moment, after I've dealt with Mr. McLeod here.’
      • ‘I was struck by what a personal process it was, in that all the people attending to him had their hands on him most of the time.’
      • ‘Despite being somewhat preoccupied with material and professional affairs you manage to attend to children, family and loved ones with devotion and care.’
      care for, look after, take care of, minister to, administer to, keep an eye on, see to
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    2. 2.2Pay attention to.
      ‘Alice hadn't attended to a word of his sermon’
      • ‘She found herself unable to attend to study, whether listening to the teacher or doing exercises, in class or at home.’
      • ‘Careful and caring listening attends to the values and commitments expressed by the other.’
      • ‘These tempo fluctuations allow students to improve their skills of listening and attending to their partner as well as demonstrate their own musical intentions.’
      • ‘Like Anima, Immaterial can be extremely demanding if the listener is intent on attending to each detail.’
      • ‘We also observed that most participants attended to only two forms of media at a time.’
      • ‘The craftsman, by contrast, when he is engrossed in hammering a nail, does not explicitly notice or attend to the bench he is working on, the stool he sits on, the supply of nails beside him.’
      • ‘Such moments of choice, Alexander found, come only when one is willing to deeply attend to or notice subtle body cues.’
      • ‘But for this to happen we must first listen to him, attend to him and receive from him.’
      • ‘If you do not agree with it, by all means dismiss it from your consideration, but attend to me on the law.’
      • ‘I urge consideration of this matter by attending to the legislation that follows.’
      • ‘At each point in the argument he assembles the examples with great care, attending to the nuances of words and acts.’
      pay attention, pay heed, be attentive, listen, lend an ear
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  • 3Escort and wait on (a member of royalty or other important person)

    ‘Her Royal Highness was attended by Mrs Jane Stevens’
    • ‘The noblemen then left and Elizabeth, attended by twenty ladies and their various attendants, entered the inner chamber where she would actually give birth.’
    • ‘The 1954 May Queen was Miss Audrey Howarth who was attended by her heralds, ladies, the Lord Chamberlain and other persons from her "Court."’
    escort, accompany, guard, chaperone, squire, convoy, guide, lead, conduct, usher, shepherd, follow, shadow
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  • 4Occur with or as a result of.

    ‘people feared that the switch to a peacetime economy would be attended by a severe slump’
    • ‘Such variations are attended by swelling or shrinkage.’
    • ‘The local inflammation extends deep, and is attended by swelling, a tingling, burning, and pungent heat, and by a redness, which disappears when the skin is pressed by the finger.’
    be accompanied by, be associated with, be connected with, be linked with, go hand in hand with
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Middle English (in the sense ‘apply one's mind or energies to’): from Old French atendre, from Latin attendere, from ad- ‘to’ + tendere ‘stretch’.