Meaning of attendance centre in English:

attendance centre



  • (in the UK) a place to which young offenders are ordered by a court to report regularly for a set period, as a minor penalty.

    ‘On the other hand two community penalties which are not run by the probation service - the curfew order and the attendance centre order - will be discussed.’
    • ‘The girl from Nythe, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given a 24-hour attendance centre order by Swindon Youth Court after pleading guilty to affray.’
    • ‘They ordered him to do 20 hours at an attendance centre and made his parents pay the £70 court costs of bringing the case.’
    • ‘The youngster, from north York, who admitted aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent, was warned he risked being locked up if he broke a 12-month driving ban, and he was also ordered to spend 12 hours at an attendance centre.’
    • ‘He was sent to an attendance centre for 36 hours, ordered to pay £100 for the swollen face suffered by the injured officer, and £60 court costs.’
    • ‘A 15-year-old boy denied that he had been involved in the stone throwing but the case was proved and he was ordered to go to an attendance centre for 12 hours.’
    • ‘He was sent to an attendance centre in Bolton for 24 hours and ordered to pay £400 compensation.’
    • ‘A youth who butted a motorist causing a hairline fracture to the nose has been ordered to spend 16 hours at an attendance centre.’
    • ‘The three-month action plan imposed by youth justices also included 12 hours at an attendance centre and a drink management course.’
    • ‘Justices gave the 15-year-old boy a three-month action plan including 10 hours at an attendance centre and sessions on alcohol abuse, anger management, victim awareness and improving his social and moral skills.’
    • ‘When I was at school, if you were a constant truant you were sent to an attendance centre on a Saturday and spent an allotted number of hours over a few weeks doing menial tasks, litter picking etc.’
    • ‘Kirkwood, who was arrested the same day, had a previous conviction for assault from October 2003 and had been sent to an attendance centre.’
    • ‘Instead they bound the parents over for six months to keep their son in order and told the boy to do 12 hours at an attendance centre to learn some discipline.’
    • ‘He was sent to an adult attendance centre for 18 hours and was told to pay £140 compensation.’
    • ‘He was ordered by the bench to write a letter of apology to the head via the school governors and to go to an attendance centre for eight hours.’
    • ‘In spite of a record for dishonesty for which he had been given attendance centre orders, he had not served a custodial sentence before.’
    • ‘He was given an 18-hour attendance centre order and banned from driving for 18 months.’