Meaning of attender in English:


Pronunciation /əˈtɛndə/


See attend

‘Regular attenders believe it was the best ever over the 25 years.’
  • ‘While the proportion of people coming to church to be married, baptised and buried remains higher than the number of members or regular attenders, the trends are moving in the same direction.’
  • ‘I am still a believer, but not as regular a church attender as I should be.’
  • ‘Young people - especially boys - have traditionally been infrequent attenders at GPs' surgeries.’
  • ‘A number of youngsters with a history of poor attendance said they had been asked to stay away from school so that good attenders could be rewarded with a trip to a theme park.’
  • ‘A range of day care services are available to both these residents and 63 day attenders who come from Dungarvan and its surrounding areas.’
  • ‘The US is the most advanced scientific nation on earth, and yet in some states, church attenders now make up almost 50 per cent of the population.’