Meaning of attentively in English:


Pronunciation /əˈtɛntɪvli/

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  • 1While paying close attention.

    ‘throughout our discussion the president listened attentively’
    • ‘I listened attentively to the man who told me his story.’
    • ‘She looks at me attentively with her deep brown eyes.’
    • ‘Apparently not everyone was listening as attentively as they ought to have been.’
    • ‘He sat and listened attentively, supplying her with the occasional wide-eyed stare or gasp.’
    • ‘The woman listened attentively, as if nothing else mattered at the moment.’
    • ‘The owner of the pub, who had been attentively drying a freshly washed glass, smiled at John.’
    • ‘I became aware that the man sitting opposite me was looking at me attentively and seemed to be writing.’
    • ‘They watched attentively as each pup was delivered.’
    • ‘I would go and see the paintings and sculptures every day and study them attentively.’
    • ‘Freyen was in the older part of the library, scanning through birth records attentively.’
    1. 1.1While assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; very politely or courteously.
      ‘though many of these places see few visitors, they are all attentively staffed by local people who are eager to help’
      • ‘We believe it is important to attentively be in touch with our customers.’
      • ‘Anna cared attentively for her residents, about whom she knew everything.’
      • ‘It embraces the warmth and adeptness of the teacher himself, as he moves generously, attentively among them.’
      • ‘All the connoisseurs in town would flock about them attentively with their glasses.’
      • ‘Among the dark shapes and cheap robotic parts was a counter with a cloaked man standing attentively behind it.’
      • ‘Waiters dressed in traditional Gujarati costume hover attentively at one's elbow.’
      • ‘We were looked after most attentively by the waitresses.’
      • ‘I compensate for mismanaged parsnips by attentively charging my guests' glasses with wine.’
      • ‘There were also those who strove to pursue the societal changes attentively and to support women in the achievements and burdens of their new roles.’
      • ‘A female gives birth to only one baby at a time, and nurses it attentively until the next mating season.’