Meaning of auction house in English:

auction house

Pronunciation /ˈɔːkʃ(ə)n ˌhaʊs/

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  • A company that runs auctions.

    ‘For a twice-yearly auction event, an auction house receives about 500-600 paintings to select.’
    • ‘The auction house is expecting more than 100 people to attend.’
    • ‘Each auction house has gambled millions of dollars guaranteeing owners minimum prices, whether their artworks sell or not.’
    • ‘A cigar box used by the wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill has sold for £2,600 at a Swindon auction house.’
    • ‘But he didn't mention that he intended to open an auction house of his own in India, though he must have been planning it for some time.’
    • ‘I didn't hassle the auction house for my money at first because it was only £60, but when nothing came after a month I looked into it.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the auction house said that hundreds of different lots were presented for sale every week around the world and there were very few complaints.’
    • ‘‘Our mission from day one was to create an international auction house from Scotland,’ he says.’
    • ‘It is the second time the auction house has sold the belongings of the Italian designer.’
    • ‘There is a phenomenal interest in these posters and the auction house has been fielding inquiries from collectors all around the country.’
    • ‘The auction house refused to discuss the matter last week.’
    • ‘On the subject of buying and selling, there are now several online entities that can trade without using an auction house or merchant.’
    • ‘The auction house said it was arguably the most important item of football history ever to be offered for sale’
    • ‘Both buyer and seller pay the auction house a considerable commission for effecting the transaction.’
    • ‘The auction house had received interest from collectors around the world.’
    • ‘The lighter collection is so large that the auction house is splitting it up.’
    • ‘Learning to price is one of the key benefits of working at an auction house.’
    • ‘But when the painting of the young man came up for bid, no one was interested, and the painting remained with the auction house.’
    • ‘The online auction house was at one stage valued at £2 billion.’
    • ‘He started his first general bookstore in 1937 and a book auction house in 1941.’