Meaning of audax in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːdaks/

nounplural noun audaxes

  • A type of long-distance road cycling event in which participants must navigate a route within a specified period of time.

    ‘the Essex Lanes 106 km audax’
    • ‘I very much enjoyed our first proper audax, in glorious weather back in October.’
    • ‘Yates is an intrepid adventurer and long-distance audax freak.’
    • ‘My 100 mile audax runs over Dartmoor one way and returns on a different route.’
    • ‘You could do the London-Edinburgh-London Audax, but you have to ride 300km a day for 5 days.’
    • ‘Without marshalls, audaxes still need proof of ride completion and that means cards to be stamped plus information points.’
    • ‘It is also important to know that both audaxes and sportives have to avoid racing because that requires road closures and police escorts.’
    • ‘Doing the 108 km audax ride at Mildenhall tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘On this audax, I neither got a puncture nor was hit by another rider.’
    • ‘I've been meaning to do an audax for a while - the basic idea is, you do a fairly long ride within a specific time.’


Via French from Italian (apparently originally with reference to a ride from Rome to Naples first held in 1897), from Latin audax, audac- ‘bold, daring’ (see audacious).