Meaning of audiobook in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːdɪəʊbʊk/

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  • A recording on CD or cassette of a reading of a book, typically a novel.

    ‘So I'll get my microphone up and running and record the audiobook as planned.’
    • ‘Readers with special needs will appreciate large-print books and audiobooks.’
    • ‘Last week, when I had to record the audiobook, I wasn't feeling very spry.’
    • ‘I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and archived radio programs.’
    • ‘Morrison's embrace of popular markets extends as well to the audiobook versions of her novels, which constitute another important merger of ‘high’ art with ‘low’ media.’
    • ‘A Suitable Boy was the only audiobook to win two gold awards.’
    • ‘Fans are demanding audiobooks faster than the industry can record them, and prices are coming down’
    • ‘How can I learn to slow my brain down enough to read a book instead of having to do audiobooks?’
    • ‘Maurice and I had worked together some years before when I recorded his story for an audiobook, and we were looking forward to working together again.’
    • ‘Before he embarked on the 1,500-mile drive in September, he used his computer to download four audiobooks and burn them to CD's - his aural driving companions.’
    • ‘I find that I love audiobooks more than printed books for a lot of titles, and I seem to have more time for audiobooks than reading.’
    • ‘Dealing with electronic media like audiobooks, CDs and DVDs, which can be collected and catalogued like books, is comparatively easy.’
    • ‘I'll tell you what: There are a bunch of people who are just addicted to those things, those audiobooks.’
    • ‘A list of the titles on the New York Times Bestseller List, downloadable as audiobooks in MP3 format.’
    • ‘Well, when I used to drive to York every fortnight I got into the habit of listening to audiobooks, which I really enjoyed.’
    • ‘I was listening to a great audiobook on my iPod last week.’
    • ‘I discovered long ago that listening to an audiobook cures my insomnia, because I can use the unpausing words of the book to supplant the freewheeling thoughts of my own that would keep me awake.’
    • ‘Gaiman is a fantastic reader and I recommend you rush right out and get the unabridged audiobook of Coraline.’
    • ‘There is little scope for skipping backwards and forwards, or referencing particular sections of the work when using an audiobook.’
    • ‘While driving, I would listen to music of my own choosing, audiobooks on a variety of topics, and sometimes have conversations on the Citizens' band radio.’