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Pronunciation /ˈɔːdɪt/

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  • 1An official inspection of an organization's accounts, typically by an independent body.

    ‘audits can't be expected to detect every fraud’
    • ‘We have an independent audit and accountants say the Duchy is being run according to all modern accounting practices.’
    • ‘The member states were persuaded that an independent audit body was warranted, given the emergence of an EU budget with supranational characteristics.’
    • ‘Like many other professions involving large volumes of cash transactions, vets also come under the scrutiny of tax officials in audits.’
    • ‘The independent audit and inspection report for 2002 censures the council for soaring rent and council tax arrears and for poor financial control of its housing maintenance department.’
    • ‘The leading Russian oil companies have all announced big increases this year, following independent international audits.’
    • ‘In the case where a company is exempt from an audit, the accountant will still prepare the company's accounts to comply with accounting standards and statutory formats.’
    • ‘We want to know how often an internal audit or an independent audit has been carried out.’
    • ‘An initial meeting should occur during the planning stage of the audit to discuss new accounting, auditing or regulatory issues affecting the organization.’
    • ‘The second moral is: there needs to be an independent audit and investigation of the colonel and his various bank accounts.’
    • ‘And be extra cautious if the company has never undergone an audit from an outside accounting firm.’
    • ‘He developed not only bookkeeping rules but also the procedures for preparing periodic income statements and budgets and performing independent audits.’
    • ‘This is an independent state audit body in charge of the fiscal management and control of public bodies, with particular regard to the way that State assets are used.’
    • ‘The decision to cut back followed an audit by independent consultants.’
    • ‘The audit covers the last fiscal year, which ended in September.’
    • ‘Out-of-control spending, he says, will be addressed by launching an independent audit of the state budget to pinpoint what is being ‘wasted and mismanaged’.’
    • ‘Before beginning his audit, the inspector will give the taxpayer an opportunity to make a full disclosure about any areas of the taxpayer's affairs that are not in order.’
    • ‘The major objective was to discover fraud much more quickly than it could be discovered by a public accountant during an annual audit.’
    • ‘We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America.’
    • ‘It will also examine the audit system and other internal controls within the bank.’
    1. 1.1A systematic review or assessment of something.
      ‘a complete audit of flora and fauna at the site’
      • ‘Start by completing an audit of the existing lighting systems, assessing both the condition and the performance of all components in the system.’
      • ‘The situation will then be reviewed after a safety audit.’
      • ‘The last chapter is on clinical audit and learning from systematic case reviews assessed against explicit criteria.’
      • ‘In order to comply with the rules of the audit, surgeons must complete the reports for 85% of the cases where patients have died while under their care.’
      • ‘Now complete, the audit has highlighted the spectacular areas of wildlife interest, and will now be taken into account in any future development plans for the site.’
      • ‘The university has completed an access audit of its facilities and will make improvements over the next three years.’
      • ‘In 1997 we reviewed eight unpublished audits of data held on the child health systems.’
      • ‘However, the audit does not assess the quality of the actual tourism product, rather the standard of amenities and infrastructure that visitors can expect when they arrive.’
      • ‘This is part of a project that commenced just two years ago where the committee commissioned an audit of wildlife, flora and fauna.’
      • ‘The plan is more than an audit of flora and fauna, explained Mr Thomas, as it contains strict objectives and delivery targets.’
      • ‘He has performed security audits and reviews for various firms, and offers consulting services in his spare time.’
      • ‘For decades, health-care systems have used clinical audits as a tool for quality assessment.’
      • ‘The purpose of the road safety audits was to assess the potential crash risk along the routes and identify safety deficiencies, taking into account the function and use of the roads.’
      • ‘He said the audit was meant to assess ‘the skills, remuneration and a whole variety of issues’ pertaining to the corporation.’
      • ‘The three-phase plan would begin with a technical audit, an assessment of financial viability and asset preservation.’
      • ‘To comply with these new mandates, you must be able to provide a complete audit trail of user activity across all these systems.’
      • ‘Complete an audit of your current customer service guidelines or philosophy.’
      • ‘First, many researchers have called for independent audits of the Swedish data, some of which is controversial.’
      • ‘The Chief Archivist will also arrange for independent audits of record-keeping in Government offices.’
      inspection, examination, survey, scrutiny, probe, vetting, investigation, check, assessment, appraisal, evaluation, review, analysis, study, perusal, dissection
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verbverb audits, verb auditing, verb audited

[with object]
  • 1Conduct an official financial inspection of (a company or its accounts)

    ‘unlimited companies must also have their accounts audited’
    • ‘It is illegal for a director to audit his own company's accounts.’
    • ‘However, when accounting firms audit businesses that they also serve as consultants, they lose their independence.’
    • ‘Any severe, firmwide sanction, such as a one-year ban on auditing public companies, could put an accounting firm out of business.’
    • ‘In the case of a company, the working papers of the company auditor (who audits the accounts prepared by the company's accountant) are the auditor's property.’
    • ‘Government authorities will be given the power to inspect and audit companies which export military-related equipment under new laws to be introduced later this year.’
    • ‘The Companies Act 1990 prohibits an ‘officer or servant’ of a company from auditing his company's accounts.’
    • ‘Or, if you're auditing a company with two sales each year, it's unlikely that a sale will be recorded incorrectly.’
    • ‘Assume you are auditing a large company that has lots of complex contracts.’
    • ‘Currently, spouses, children, and even nearby in-laws of partners are not allowed to hold stock in companies audited by those partners.’
    • ‘The full year 2000 audited accounts are due out very shortly.’
    • ‘The nominally independent Financial Accounting Standards Board defines accounting and auditing standards.’
    • ‘The association said public accountants would only audit their financial reports if they complied with auditing standards.’
    • ‘In January, the British government also unveiled a plan to set up a single regulator to oversee accounting and auditing standards and called on firms to rotate audit partners every five years.’
    • ‘They are either running big corporations, or auditing their accounts.’
    • ‘His office audits accounts of all public sector bodies and where attention needs to be drawn to outstanding issues a statement is issued.’
    • ‘On a rainy morning in December last year, my son, a certified public accountant, went out to audit the accounts of a corporation when he suddenly slipped and fractured his right thigh.’
    • ‘Client money is kept in a segregated client account, which is audited each year by one of the big four accountancy firms.’
    • ‘Subsequently they alleged that the accounts had been negligently audited.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It's nonsense for him to say that the accounts were not audited because auditing firms were on Christmas break.’’
    • ‘This will be confirmed when the public accounts are audited.’
    inspect, examine, survey, look over, go over, go through, scrutinize, probe, vet, investigate, look into, inquire into, check, check into, assess, appraise, evaluate, review, analyse, study, pore over, peruse, sift, dissect, go over with a fine-tooth comb, delve into, dig into
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    1. 1.1Conduct a systematic review of.
      ‘a method of auditing obstetric and neonatal care’
      • ‘Management plans are valid for fifteen years though they are reviewed and audited every five years.’
      • ‘We've had international institutions audit our systems.’
      • ‘She is a security expert who audits computer systems and networks for security vulnerabilities.’
      • ‘Yet, upon auditing the systems, I will find major discrepancies between what is written and what is actually implemented.’
      • ‘The Australians found when they audited ventilation systems that most had been turned off.’
      • ‘And finally, since there is no paper printout of votes, there is no way to accurately audit the system, and therefore no way to accurately reconstruct an election if it is contested.’
      • ‘The truth is that there is no way to audit these systems to see if they are really performing.’
      • ‘Additionally, the system continually monitors and audits the data to verify that all files are intact.’
      • ‘Using independent external reviewers to scrutinize and audit data helps ensure dependability.’
      • ‘Additionally, plant quality and food safety systems are routinely audited by customers, regulatory agencies and third-party specialists.’
      • ‘It is designed to provide food safety professionals with the skills and knowledge to audit management systems within the food industry.’
      • ‘The trust agreed to train staff, review drug policy and audit clinical and nursing records.’
      • ‘Having a secret ballot means that there will be no way to audit the results and we will have to trust a system that has known security weaknesses to tell us who won.’
      • ‘To that end we will, within our own journals, audit the quality of peer review on a continuous basis and where possible provide training to enhance the quality of peer review.’
      • ‘Even relatively innocuous data changes, such as a change of address, can be used to exploit or disrupt systems if they're not audited, says Brady.’
      • ‘The third principle is to audit and review all the administrative and student services systems in order to look for those activities that are essential and those that are not.’
      • ‘An important lesson in all medicine, but particularly illustrated in screening programmes, is the continued need to review and audit.’
      • ‘Software metering and auditing on networked systems gives managers precise tracking tools to determine who uses what software, when, where and how often.’
      • ‘Overall only nine per cent of the hospitals audited were rated as ‘good’.’
      survey, study, research, consider, take stock of, analyse, audit, examine, scrutinize, inquire into, make inquiries into, explore, look into, probe, investigate, conduct investigations into, inspect, assess, appraise, size up
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  • 2North American Attend (a class) informally, without working for credit.

    ‘he made use of the knowledge gleaned from economics classes he audited’
    • ‘You may be able to audit classes, attend without receiving any academic credit.’
    • ‘While auditing a class taught by Robert Lowell at Boston University, Sylvia met another poet hell-bent on suicide, Anne Sexton.’
    • ‘Then for my final grade, the university said I was auditing the class, even though I got an A.’
    • ‘He was only auditing the class at the time, so he refused to take part in the experiment.’
    • ‘I just audited the class once and it was exactly what I wanted.’
    • ‘The can also write a novel, tackle advanced math problems, go on hikes, or even audit classes in college.’
    • ‘This summer some kids who are in companies now like Pennsylvania Ballet and Carolina Ballet came back to audit classes during their time off.’
    • ‘He wants to challenge Wellington's policy of allowing non-enrolled students from underprivileged backgrounds to audit classes for free.’
    • ‘Totally unexpectedly, at the age of eighteen, Emmy decided that she would not become a schoolteacher but that instead she would spend the next two years auditing classes at the University of Erlangen.’
    • ‘Typically these classes are term-length in duration and may be audited or taken for credit to be applied to a certificate or degree program.’
    • ‘He audited a couple of classes and worked part time to make the time pass.’
    attend, be present at, be an observer at, observe, watch
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Late Middle English from Latin auditus ‘hearing’, from audire ‘hear’, in medieval Latin auditus (compoti) ‘audit (of an account)’, an audit originally being presented orally.