Meaning of audit trail in English:

audit trail


  • 1A system that traces the detailed transactions relating to any item in an accounting record.

    ‘with no satisfactory audit trail, not all overpayments had been identified’
    • ‘Records of organic authenticity constitute an audit trail from farm to consumer.’
    • ‘Every document needs to be recorded electronically, and there needs to be a complete audit trail.’
    • ‘Educating and helping a farmer develop an appropriate audit trail will usually greatly improve record keeping.’
    • ‘All relevant stock and, later, customer details can be captured to create a paperless audit trail that can be queried retrospectively.’
    • ‘Audit trails would help you determine the source of a possible problem if law enforcement spotted a trend that traced back to your company.’
    • ‘The IRS likes to see a clean audit trail, so if everything goes into one account, it's all there.’
    • ‘An audit trail or other record of all processes should be created and preserved such that a third party might examine such processes and achieve the same result.’
    • ‘The audit trail links products on market shelves back through each stage of production and handling.’
    • ‘Awarding authorities must fully document the reasons why a particular procedure has been chosen and provide a clear and reasoned audit trail.’
    • ‘Proper paperwork such as a purchase order has to be presented in order to provide a proper audit trail for all payments going out.’
    1. 1.1Computing A record of the changes that have been made to a database or file.
      ‘you must be able to provide a complete audit trail of user activity across all these systems’
      • ‘You have an expensive content management system that provides an audit trail of everyone who has been in contact with any internal file.’
      • ‘Like a conventional crime scene, PCs contain evidence and an audit trail of user activity.’
      • ‘Obviously we can increase access control and audit trails, but reviewing such data for abuse is a daunting, if not impossible task.’
      • ‘Organizations have no choice but to implement solutions that can deliver clear audit trails of user activity across the organization.’
      • ‘Senders can create a secure audit trail by logging each message with a signature that can be verified post-transaction.’