Meaning of auditioner in English:



See audition

‘Sight reading and ensemble materials will be supplied by the auditioner.’
  • ‘As he said to one auditioner: "What angers me is that people like yourself who have the most attitude have the least talent."’
  • ‘Indeed, I had no sooner picked up the compulsory readings than I discovered there was no line before me, and the last auditioner was just walking out of the room.’
  • ‘I'm a terrible auditioner.’
  • ‘The successful auditioner will join cast members Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry; Emma Watson, who is Hermione Granger; and Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley.’
  • ‘At least one school issues a blacklist of speeches not to be used and every auditioner has a mental list of those he / she is fed up with sitting through AGAIN.’
  • ‘A young auditioner for San Francisco Ballet School was paraded through national talk shows because, it was charged, she was turned down for reasons other than her talent.’