Meaning of augite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːdʒʌɪt/


mass noun
  • A dark green or black aluminosilicate mineral of the pyroxene group. It occurs in many igneous rocks, including basalt, gabbro, and dolerite.

    ‘As cooling continues, plagioclase (a mixture of two kinds of aluminum silicates) and the pyroxene mineral augite (a magnesium silicate mixed with some iron) form.’
    • ‘The plagioclase feldspar weathers to produce a whitish gray rock, while the mafic minerals (olivine, augite and hypersthene) produce contrasting darker grains.’
    • ‘The most common phenocryst silicate phases are olivine, plagioclase and augite, typically, although not always, appearing in that order.’
    • ‘Minerals that remove Ti include augite and ilmenite/titanomagnetite.’
    • ‘The cpx is classified as augite based on average composition, and displays a very narrow compositional range.’


Early 19th century from Latin augites, denoting a precious stone (probably turquoise), from Greek augitēs, from augē ‘lustre’.