Meaning of Aunt Sally in English:

Aunt Sally

Pronunciation /ɑːnt ˈsali/

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nounAunt Sallies

mass noun
  • 1A game played in some parts of Britain in which players throw sticks or balls at a wooden dummy.

    1. 1.1count noun A dummy used in the game of Aunt Sally.
    2. 1.2count noun A person or thing set up as an easy target for criticism.
      ‘today's landowner is everyone's Aunt Sally’
      • ‘It's an example of the way in which the British royalty have become an Aunt Sally.’
      • ‘It's a respectable CV, but in his native land he's something of an Aunt Sally.’
      • ‘It may be true that it acted merely as a proxy, an Aunt Sally for fears about enlargement, unemployment, immigration and inflation.’
      • ‘He said he felt people in public life would always be ‘an Aunt Sally for the public’.’
      • ‘It appears obvious to me, that Mr Normal has neither the ego nor the wish to become an Aunt Sally, at whom all and sundry are entitled to throw their posies or brickbats.’
      • ‘First opponents of change construct an Aunt Sally, grossly misrepresenting it.’
      • ‘As far as the placebo issue is concerned I believe they are using the Food and Drug Administration as an Aunt Sally.’
      victim, butt, scapegoat, dupe, recipient, focus, object, subject, fair game, Aunt Sally