Meaning of aureate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːrɪət/

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  • 1Made of or having the colour of gold.

    ‘the aureate dollar’
    • ‘A young groom, eagerly attired, stands before a doorway, which in turn looks out onto a landscape of sun-scarred desert, aureate sands stretching to a blinding, azure sky.’
    • ‘A gentler, less aureate Archangel, though still cloud-borne, points at the Holy Ghost descending as a dove.’
    • ‘An enormous crystal chandelier hung in the center of the foyer, and paintings that looked as if they had been painted by Renaissance masters hung in aureate frames on the walls.’
    • ‘Selina began her school day the same way she always had, waking up before the aureate dawn revealed itself to watch the most fantastic thing she'd ever seen: the sun rise.’
    • ‘There was aureate light coming from above, lighting the sea up in a diffuse golden haze, throwing golden flecks into his eyes.’
    • ‘She looked across the ocean to the horizon, the aureate sun in the first stage of setting.’
    pompous, bombastic, magniloquent, pretentious, ostentatious, high-flown, high-sounding, rhetorical, orotund, fustian, florid, flowery
    1. 1.1(of language) highly ornamented or elaborate.
      ‘the aureate diction frequently conceals the tritest sentiments’
      • ‘The poetic line in ‘The Harvest Bow’ was longer, more aureate in its fashioning, more iambic than in his previous two collections.’
      ornate, fancy, very elaborate, curlicued, over-elaborate, extravagant, baroque, fussy, busy, ostentatious, showy, wedding-cake, gingerbread


Late Middle English from late Latin aureatus, from Latin aureus ‘golden’, from aurum ‘gold’.