Meaning of auroral in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːˈrɔːrəl/

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‘Nevertheless, the potential exists for periods of strong auroral storm conditions developing during the next several days (at least).’
  • ‘There was an exceptional auroral glow over the entire sky.’
  • ‘Severe solar weather is often heralded by dramatic auroral displays, northern and southern lights, and magnetic storms that occasionally affect satellites, radio communications and power systems.’
  • ‘But, as the team observed, although Saturn's aurora do share characteristics with the other planets, they are fundamentally unlike the auroral displays on either Earth or Jupiter.’
  • ‘During auroral light shows, extraneous electric currents would flow through the wires, superseding the normal telegraph currents and making transmission of messages almost impossible.’
  • ‘Super-energized particles from the radiation belts and from auroral storms can damage the sensitive electronics of satellites.’
  • ‘Vivid red auroral rays glowed over all over North America, stretching as far south as Arizona, southern California, Mississippi, and Texas.’
  • ‘Radio waves appear to be tied to the brightest auroral spots.’
  • ‘A few years ago it was suggested that auroral phenomena could exist on Mars too.’
  • ‘People as far south as Virginia were treated to fantastic auroral displays in the night sky.’