Meaning of Australian Aboriginal language in English:

Australian Aboriginal language


  • Any of the numerous Aboriginal languages spoken in Australia.

    ‘the film's title is a word in Aranda, an Australian Aboriginal language’
    • ‘His earliest research interests were in Australian Aboriginal languages, a field in which he continued to maintain an interest.’
    • ‘Budgerigar means "good cockatoo" in an Australian aboriginal language.’
    • ‘Her expertise includes, among other things, Australian aboriginal languages.’
    • ‘Both works have titles taken from Australian aboriginal languages which deal with landscapes and space.’
    • ‘Australian Aboriginal languages are my forte, but there aren't many new words coming into the language now from Aboriginal languages.’
    • ‘The languages of the Torres Strait also comprise elements of both Papuan and Australian Aboriginal languages.’
    • ‘The study looked at Australian Aboriginal languages such as Pintupi and Pitjantjatjara.’
    • ‘All Australian Aboriginal languages south of the northern coastal region belong to one language family.’
    • ‘I believe that the arguments for the maintenance of Australian aboriginal languages are relevant to all minority languages in Australia.’
    • ‘He has extensive fieldwork experience on Australian Aboriginal languages.’