Meaning of Australian adjective in English:

Australian adjective


(also great Australian adjective)
informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Used as a euphemism for the word ‘bloody’, with reference to its common use in Australian speech.

    • ‘the song humorously exploits the great Australian adjective’
    • ‘It's now the national version with the Australian adjective replacing the state name.’
    • ‘"It's the great Australian adjective," she said. "It's part of our language."’
    • ‘The definitive expletive of the 18th century was bloody, which is still in frequent use in Britain today, and is so common Down Under that it is known as "the great Australian adjective."’
    • ‘Swearing has always been part of the Australian character; think "bloody", the great Australian adjective.’
    • ‘The newspapers and barristers were calling this expletive the 'great Australian adjective'.’