Meaning of autarch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːtɑːk/


  • A ruler who has absolute power.

    ‘he is one of those pitiable petty autarchs who habitually lord it over children and helpless underlings’
    • ‘Early in his essay, the editor makes it clear that his warning is against all autarchs.’
    • ‘It's an anarchic assemblage of petty autocracies with numerous additional charismatic nobles advising the autarchs.’
    • ‘But in the old Citadel in the enormous city, they still exist: two Masters, some journeymen and the apprentices, all locked up in their tower, doing the biddings of the judges and the autarchs, inflicting pain and ending lives.’


Early 19th century from Greek autarkhos, from autos ‘self’ + arkhos ‘leader’.