Meaning of autarkic in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːˈtɑːkɪk/


(also autarchic)

See autarky

‘The Soviet Union was supposedly making economic strides; newly independent states were choosing autarkic collectivism.’
  • ‘These activists oppose international trade altogether and want every local area to retreat into a self-sufficient autarkic state.’
  • ‘We have the rare privilege of watching up close as a formerly socialist, autarkic economy peacefully attempts to make the transition to a market-based, rule-of-law economy.’
  • ‘Transaction costs for countries that pursue autarkic economic policies are also perceived to be lower than other countries since they tend not to rely on external economic relationships.’
  • ‘Although he is very much a nationalist, and finds himself close to the antiglobalization movement, he does not espouse an autarkic turn-back-the-clock, close-down-the-border solution.’
  • ‘At the same time, there were many manufacturers and mechanics whose businesses had been profitable only during the autarkic wartime conditions.’
  • ‘His autarkic economic policies demand that the government has complete control of foreign currency transactions.’