Meaning of authoress in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːθərɛs/

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  • A female author.

    ‘We use author and poet rather than authoress and poetess, but until fairly recently it was permissible to distinguish persons who act by gender.’
    • ‘The overpaid authoress of the report unwittingly admitted this fact when she stated, ‘In conducting this research, we found attacks on feminists on a lot of sites.’’
    • ‘After three and four wretched months of writers block, the authoress extraordinare returns!’
    • ‘She was a well-known authoress, and (under a pseudonym) had written a series on a girl who lived on a farm and had horses.’
    • ‘Remember, I'm the authoress… I can make you do anything I want.’
    • ‘For an authoress such as myself, reviews make the world go round.’
    • ‘That is hardly the fault of the authoress, who was presumably fulfilling a specific brief.’
    • ‘The blame for this, I am afraid, must fall fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the authoress and director of the piece, and I am disappointed that the pleasure I had anticipated from what I had read of the play was denied me.’
    • ‘It appears to me perfectly clear that she was not the authoress of the letters which were produced to the court.’
    • ‘I was particularly pleased with the description on the site: ‘The book is nevertheless a cheerful romp, just like its authoress.’’
    • ‘I want to become a published authoress, and write books that people will love to read.’
    • ‘Alexis seems to be modeled after me, the authoress.’
    • ‘Churchill lowered silver eyebrows at the authoress.’
    • ‘I know this is the first authoress' note so far in the story.’
    • ‘Yes this is the authoress speaking, and yes I have a purpose for doing so.’
    • ‘She first read out a letter which the authoress had written to her husband in 1943.’
    • ‘Thank you for your interest in our young authoress and her book.’
    • ‘She is a wealthy English authoress living in and running a boarding house in Umbria, Italy.’