Meaning of authority figure in English:

authority figure


  • A person who has or represents authority.

    ‘these techniques can help parents re-establish their role as authority figures’
    • ‘Aren't you supposed to be an authority figure?’
    • ‘We need to question the dominant model of filling minds with intellectual hand-me-downs from authority figures.’
    • ‘I should have been a nervous wreck, being called on the carpet by an authority figure.’
    • ‘Learn to think for yourself rather than give your power away to authority figures without question.’
    • ‘For someone who used to be a teacher, he has a remarkable habit of annoying authority figures.’
    • ‘Unlike previous generations, they then refused to become authority figures themselves.’
    • ‘I think he has trouble with authority figures.’
    • ‘Your work often deals with innocent figures struggling with corrupt figures, usually authority figures.’
    • ‘In three monologues, characters recall their promising childhoods being snatched away by menacing authority figures who drove them to drug abuse.’
    • ‘The former member has been in a situation of total dependence upon an authority figure for practically all of life's important decisions.’
    • ‘He becomes fearful or resentful of authority figures in his life.’
    • ‘I knew how to deal well with authority figures, to be congenial.’
    • ‘Instead, the majority of voters seem to rely on authority figures telling them how they should vote.’
    • ‘He tries to maintain a semblance of dignity befitting an authority figure by criticizing Ivan Denisovich's bricklaying.’
    • ‘Often, by trust in an authority figure, a mistake in consciousness grows.’
    • ‘Keep an open mind with family members or authority figures who see things differently than you do.’
    • ‘She'd dealt with authority figures lots of times.’
    • ‘Depending on the authority figure, the victim might feel they are truly unable to take the reins of their own life.’
    • ‘Authority figures preying on young students is an ugly reality.’
    • ‘This is where my ambivalence about becoming an authority figure comes full circle.’