Meaning of auto-exposure in English:




  • 1A device which sets the exposure automatically on a camera.

    ‘Some auto-exposure cameras make this compensation automatically; on others you have to do it manually.’
    • ‘See, I bought my current camera back in 1993 or so, and although it's a decent camera, I'm not happy with its auto-exposures.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The facility to set exposure automatically.
      ‘a camcorder with auto-exposure’
      • ‘Photographs were taken using a camera with auto-exposure facility.’
      • ‘Getting correct exposure with most simple auto-exposure cameras is easy: press the shutter button and the camera does the rest.’
      • ‘There's no autofocus, no auto-exposure, no auto-film-winding, no auto-nothing.’
      • ‘This display shows that the camera is in auto-exposure mode and is shooting at 1/60 second!’