Meaning of automaker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːtəʊˌmeɪkə/


North American
  • A company which manufactures cars.

    ‘And it will, just so long as the automakers produce the right vehicles for these markets.’
    • ‘The meeting was attended by the automaker's top marketing executives from its various product brands.’
    • ‘Worst yet, the Big Three automakers are steadily losing market share here.’
    • ‘The largest automakers are very different businesses today than they were at the start of the decade.’
    • ‘The two biggest domestic automakers have been dealing with falling market share and slowing sales.’
    • ‘Customers still think they get more value for their money from overseas automakers.’
    • ‘To remain viable, the big automakers had to revamp their business models.’
    • ‘In doing so, the automakers might finally get more attention from the world's financial markets.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when U.S. automakers could make cars first and think about marketing later.’
    • ‘California state regulators forced automakers to bring electric cars to market.’
    • ‘It will become the French automaker's global brand for emerging markets.’
    • ‘Racing success validates everything an automaker or supplier wants to say about its products and brand.’
    • ‘A number of automakers offer a combination of the two systems as well.’
    • ‘The liberalized policy would not necessarily bring in inward investment from foreign automakers.’
    • ‘Already, of course, automakers are huge fans of advertising in videogames.’
    • ‘It is the same process automakers use when unveiling concept vehicles.’
    • ‘Consumers like it best when the automakers package the features to reflect the buyers' expectations.’
    • ‘These are initiatives that automakers and dealers are taking to ensure their customers' loyalty.’