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automatic pilot


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  • A device for keeping an aircraft on a set course without the intervention of the pilot.

    ‘Disengage the automatic pilot and contact the control tower for clearance.’
    • ‘The speed valves control the rate at which the automatic pilot reacts to bring the airplane back on its course.’
    • ‘After climbing out and disappearing from sight above the clouds, the pilot switched on the automatic pilot and sat back, the story goes.’
    • ‘Of course, formation flying was no place for an automatic pilot, but for lead ships in the formation they would have been really handy.’
    • ‘The automatic pilot is engaged, but the pilots don't relax until we leave dangerous airspace.’
    • ‘In the Indiana crash, the automatic pilot shut down when the icing became extreme and returned control of the craft to the pilots.’
    • ‘Those conditions forced its automatic pilot to change course quickly.’
    • ‘He changed course to starboard and, implementing David's suggestion, set the automatic pilot and went to make himself some coffee, which he wanted badly.’
    • ‘The automatic pilot had been programmed to fly the plane to Athens airport, and it was unclear how or why it had been disengaged, he said.’
    • ‘In 1965, a British European Airways jet airliner made the first landing by automatic pilot.’
    • ‘As Flight Engineer he must monitor the various manoeuvres, which are performed by automatic pilot, making sure that everything runs smoothly.’


    on automatic pilot
    • Acting or functioning without conscious thought, as a result of routine or habit.

      ‘I leapt out of bed and dressed on automatic pilot’
      • ‘They often lead their private lives on automatic pilot, but many of them feel seriously deprived, because they don't have real emotional connections.’
      • ‘It is a sentence written by someone who is writing on automatic pilot, putting down the thoughts pretty much as they popped into her head, and not bothering to arrange them in a sensible order once they were set down on paper.’
      • ‘Having seen this quartet perform before, I was alarmed at how tired and bored the violinist looked, almost appearing as if he was playing this glorious first violin part on automatic pilot.’
      • ‘Sometimes a conductor stands in front of musicians, waves his or her arms, they respond on automatic pilot, and you get serviceable, dull music and the waste of a conductor's fee.’
      • ‘I'm functioning on automatic pilot and am by then well on my way into the second half pint of coffee.’
      • ‘If you're unsure of your parenting skills, try taking on one task at a time and doing it regularly - you'll soon be operating on automatic pilot.’
      • ‘She walked on automatic pilot to the tube and changed trains at Embankment without waking up.’