Meaning of autorickshaw in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːtəʊˌrɪkʃɔː/


  • (in South Asia) a motorized, three-wheeled rickshaw for public hire.

    ‘The rules to be followed by children while travelling in buses, autorickshaws and cars and while riding pillion on two-wheelers, have been listed separately.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous autorickshaws - three-wheeled buggies powered by motorbike engines - are available for hire as taxis, as well.’
    • ‘A relatively easy, and sometimes inexpensive, way to explore a city is to hire an autorickshaw.’
    • ‘Even autorickshaws and taxis are forced off the roads.’
    • ‘Drivers pointed out that encroachments and haphazard parking of autorickshaws near bus stops caused severe inconvenience.’
    • ‘They then made their escape in a three-wheel autorickshaw.’
    • ‘Another bus coming from the opposite direction was damaged in the blast, as were two motorcycles and autorickshaws parked in the vicinity.’
    • ‘The police are now cracking down on autorickshaws in the city, in a bid to regulate ownership and sever the ties between anti-social elements and autos.’
    • ‘An option would be to leave the car at home and take an autorickshaw (though it will not offer a discount and demand an exorbitant fare).’
    • ‘This means that on the average, one accident involving an autorickshaw was reported to the police every day.’