Meaning of avant-courier in English:


Pronunciation /avɒ̃ːˈkʊrɪə/


  • A person running ahead, especially a member of the advance guard of an army.

    ‘The avant-courier rode at full speed into the court.’
    • ‘Why, then, don't the avant-couriers who praise the piece as one of Schoenberg's greatest take note of this outbreak of tonality?’
    • ‘Landseer, however, instead of following his avant-courier in an hour, arrived in a few minutes after him.’
    • ‘He had served as an artilleryman during the war of Independence, and retained enough of his old military habits to make a most invaluable avant-courier.’
    • ‘General Platen's avant-courier now arrived with the intelligence of his approach.’
    harbinger, sign, indicator, indication, signal, prelude, portent, omen, augury, forewarning, presage, announcer


Early 17th century from French avant ‘forward, before’ + courier.