Meaning of away with the fairies in English:

away with the fairies


informal British
  • Giving the impression of being mad, distracted, or in a dreamworld.

    • ‘you seem away with the fairies, are you listening?’
    • ‘at school I was dismissed as being a daydreamer or away with the fairies’
    • ‘My prone body would lie limp, my mental faculties away with the fairies with no estimated time of return.’
    • ‘The Fairy Ring was established five years ago after the founder of the National Fairy Appreciation Society folded her group - ‘she went away with the fairies,’ quipped Susan.’
    • ‘While he was gone, we spoke to his wife - he'd just had a hip replacement operation, and was just coming off the morphine. ‘You should have seen him, he was away with the fairies!’’
    • ‘It is all about tactics and you have to concentrate, but I used to be away with the fairies.’
    • ‘I know that he is routinely described as being of a ‘fragile’ sensibility, and l know I should make allowances, but dear me, he really was away with the fairies.’
    • ‘When I woke up at 7: 45 the next morning I went down to breakfast to find out JC and the others had all but broken the door down to get in to wake me up but I was away with the fairies.’
    • ‘The mystical spin on real-life political tragedy may have worked in the original novel, but here, defying tyrants while being away with the fairies just doesn't work.’
    • ‘We were at the Greyfisher having a leaving do for Donna, Sy's boss, when the clock struck midnight and Sy was already WELL away with the fairies!’
    • ‘I ran two red lights yesterday and was completely away with the fairies.’
    • ‘Even fellas in the Garda College said to me that they thought I was away with the fairies.’
    • ‘They are both really quirky - Clark can be away with the fairies sometimes and Astel always thinks he's right.’
    • ‘At present the Government seems to be away with the fairies, ‘Healy-Rae said.’’
    • ‘His rescuers, who were thinking to themselves - ‘It's too late for him now anyway, as he's away with the fairies already!’’
    • ‘Most of friends think that my interest is quite apt, most of them think I'm away with the fairies anyway!’
    • ‘Dude, are we practicing tonight or not, or are you going to spend all night away with the fairies?’
    • ‘I did and the soothing sensations again lulled me away with the fairies.’
    • ‘People who go around spreading malicious lies that this is a rural issue are away with the fairies.’
    preoccupied, diverted, inattentive, vague, absorbed, engrossed, abstracted, distrait, distant, absent, absent-minded, faraway