Meaning of awesomely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːsəmli/


  • 1In an extremely impressive or daunting way.

    ‘an ash cloud from the volcano towered awesomely over the bleak, windswept landscape’
    • ‘You don't have to be a diver to get close to the awesomely beautiful underwater world of Cayman.’
    • ‘Finding all of them will be awesomely difficult.’
    • ‘It's an awesomely ambitious novel that succeeds more often than it fails.’
    • ‘The road winds through immense gorges which look awesomely forbidding.’
    • ‘Your abode for the next few days will be among awesomely huge boulders, in the middle of the rainforest.’
    • ‘The dark green snake thrust his head out of the deep cavern, hissing awesomely .’
    • ‘It has a beautiful cathedral which manages to loom awesomely into view when you least expect it.’
    • ‘The white waves reared awesomely around the moored fishing-smacks.’
    • ‘All night long the storm raged, and the thunder roared awesomely.’
    • ‘The wind raged awesomely through the chimneys.’
    1. 1.1 informal Extremely well; excellently.
      • ‘they've played awesomely this season’
      • ‘it was just an awesomely well-written show’
      • ‘In spite of an awesomely talented cast, the evening disappoints.’
      • ‘I put together and promote my own fitness camps, which are going awesomely.’
      • ‘The idea of delivery lockers seems awesomely convenient.’
      • ‘I feel she will play awesomely from this point on.’
      • ‘The team rode awesomely again.’
      • ‘The movie looks awesomely entertaining.’
      • ‘It works awesomely for note taking, work and research.’
      • ‘The team performed awesomely all week.’
      • ‘They make awesomely strong drinks that don't break the bank.’
      • ‘The pizza reheated awesomely in the oven the next day.’