Meaning of awk in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːk/


(also awks)
  • (of a situation) causing uneasy embarrassment; awkward or uncomfortable.

    • ‘next Sunday's dinner is going to be a little awk’
    • ‘I sent that text complaining about work to my boss instead of my boyfriend—awks’
    • ‘the awks encounter with her ex’
    • ‘The friend replied "What if he wants you, won't that get awk?"’
    • ‘Either way, it's pretty awk.’
    • ‘Okay, this is getting awk.’
    • ‘Standing with the guys auditioning for the same part as you is so awk.’
    • ‘We walked in and felt a little awk because we were just standing waiting for a hostess or anyone to seat us for a good few minutes.’
    • ‘Let's just hope she'd got her refund processed before the interview went live, or it could be a bit awk in-store.’
    • ‘The men singled Natalie out to sit and watch from the dance floor (slightly awks) as they broke out into the routine around her.’
    • ‘Stiff upper-lipped Brits aren't keen on PDA at the best of times and it'll be super awks if you drool over your manager only to get dumped a few weeks later.’
    • ‘This made things even more awks as he was in a full suit and bow-tie!’


Early 21st century abbreviation of awkward.