Meaning of AWU in English:



  • ‘Appeals were brought by the AWU.’
    • ‘There were three prerogative writ proceedings in this Court, one commenced by the AWU.’
    • ‘The AWU persistently criticised his membership of the upper house.’
    • ‘AWU bosses traditionally liked to enjoy holding the balance of power at ALP conferences.’
    • ‘While the other unions have accepted the proposed pay rise, only AWU members will begin to see benefits this week.’
    • ‘The AWU, having chosen to go it alone, wants to have its cake and eat it.’
    • ‘These deals were so much help in boosting AWU numbers within the Queensland Party.’
    • ‘It's easy to take over a decrepit union such as what the AWU was.’
    • ‘There's a nice photo and puff piece on the AWU secretary.’
    • ‘He persuaded them to join what was in the end the AWU.’