Meaning of axenically in English:




See axenic

‘Cells were grown axenically in batch culture, in Bold's basal medium as described previously, under a constant light fluence.’
  • ‘The cells were fed with ciliates Tetrahymena pyriformis, which were axenically cultured in medium containing 1.0% proteose peptone supplemented with 0.1% yeast extract.’
  • ‘Rice plants were axenically grown in glass test tubes containing a strip of filter paper to support the seeds and filled with 15 ml of Long Ashton nutrient solution.’
  • ‘Reticulomyxa filosa cells are large, delicate syncytial networks and cannot be grown axenically.’
  • ‘ATCC 50230 was grown axenically in seawater enriched with 10% w/v horse serum.’