Meaning of axil in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaksɪl/


  • The upper angle between a leaf stalk or branch and the stem or trunk from which it is growing.

    ‘There are two or three flowers in the axils of the upper leaves.’
    • ‘Hermaphroditic flowers develop from leaf axils and have eight stamens (with pollen connected by viscin threads), and a cross-shaped stigma.’
    • ‘In the leaf axils of most dicotyledonous trees well-developed buds are present.’
    • ‘The flat, star-shaped flowers are 1-cm across, range in color from maroon in the sun to pale beige in the shade, and are displayed in loose cymes in the leaf axils.’
    • ‘Panicles develop in the axils of leaves on the previous year's growth.’


Late 18th century from Latin axilla ‘armpit’ (see axilla).