Meaning of axolemma in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaksə(ʊ)lɛmə/


mass nounBiology
  • The plasma membrane of an axon.

    ‘Some cases are due to acute axonal neuropathy, in which glycolipid in the axolemma is targeted.’
    • ‘Hence the axolemma appears to be the barrier for osmotically induced flow into the axoplasm.’
    • ‘Previous works have also shown early myelin detachment from the axolemma, but Abrahams et al., who also addressed this issue, did not find this alteration at 24 h after nerve crush.’
    • ‘The axolemma itself, consisting of mostly type 1 and type 2 biological membrane, has been found to be impervious to ions.’
    • ‘Myelin sheath of lipoprotein around the axolemma is interrupted at regular intervals to leave the axolemma ` bare’ at nodes of Ranvier.’


Late 19th century from Greek axōn ‘axis’ + lemma ‘husk’.