Meaning of azimuthal projection in English:

azimuthal projection

Pronunciation /ˌazɪˈmjuːθ(ə)l/


  • A map projection in which a region of the earth is projected on to a plane tangential to the surface, usually at a pole or the equator.

    ‘On the third floor of the Paris Observatory Cassini had laid out a planisphere, a map of the World using an azimuthal projection with the North Pole at the centre.’
    • ‘For the azimuthal projections, you can rotate the projection plane by defining the vertical meridian.’
    • ‘Many conical projections can be seen as azimuthal projections which have been split and partially unwound.’
    • ‘Lambert azimuthal projections tend to be round, and tearing occurs along the map's outer edge.’
    • ‘The result is an azimuthal projection that can represent the entire Earth on a single map.’