Meaning of azo dye in English:

azo dye



  • Any of a large class of synthetic dyes whose molecules contain two adjacent nitrogen atoms between carbon atoms.

    ‘Urobilinogen reacts with a chromogen to form an azo dye which appears as various shades of pink or purple.’
    • ‘Thus Paul Ehrlich's Salvarsan was an arsenic analogue of an azo dye, and the first sulfa, or wonder, drug, Prontosil, was the metabolic product of a red azo dye.’
    • ‘Nitrite was determined spectrophotometrically upon diazotation and forming of azo dye.’
    • ‘The products from these reactions are used in the production of an important class of dyes, the azo dyes.’
    • ‘Orange smoke compositions, for example, are typically based on 50: 50 mixtures of azo dyes and reactants - a sugar like lactose or sucrose as fuel and an oxidiser such as potassium chlorate.’