Meaning of azonal in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈzəʊn(ə)l/


  • (especially of soils) having no zonal organization or structure.

    ‘The division into zonal, intrazonal, and azonal soils was the basis for the soil classification used in the USA until 1960.’
    • ‘Latitudinal zonal divisions can be seen on plains, and azonal divisions in mountainous areas.’
    • ‘We will discuss evolutionary aspects of the growth-form characters in this azonal vegetation.’
    • ‘There are also azonal saline wetlands, wetlands, gypsum and limestone containing soil types in low altitude zones.’
    • ‘The second category of soils in the Kananaskis region, azonal soils, are zonal soils that have been changed as a result of variations in topography, such as erosion, moisture status, and depth to bedrock.’