Meaning of b-boy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːbɔɪ/


  • A young man who is involved with hip-hop culture, especially a breakdancer.

    ‘traditional South Korean dancers performed alongside b-boys’
    • ‘It had its own language, it had developed a dress pattern inspired by the African-American b-boys and b-girls, and its artistic tastes indicated a preference for rap music, breakdancing, and graffiti.’
    • ‘It's because patriotism is the last refuge of a b-boy.’
    • ‘No way a joyous b-boy could pop 'n' lock to this thing.’
    • ‘Like b-boy Jason Mraz or a Remy Shand that rocks, Levine charismatically laid down his funk smoothness.’
    • ‘His approach, like photographer Nan Goldin, brought him intimately close to his subjects - the generation of b-boys and b-girls.’
    • ‘Invite the b-boys - break-dancers, for those who don't know - to your show and share the stage.’
    • ‘All you breakdancers, b-boys and b-girls, come on down, you're part of this element.’
    • ‘In his first incarnation he was an '80s b-boy, and part of Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate.’
    • ‘He's a b-boy with a poodle named Wesley and an apartment with ornate pillows with silk flowers on them and beautiful vases filled with giant lilies.’
    • ‘While the b-boy roots of the main protagonists remain clear throughout, this is an album based around an altogether more organic sound.’
    • ‘For the last seven years this annual blowout has attracted writers, b-boys, b-girls, MCs and turntablists from around the world, and this year is no different.’
    • ‘Expect classic hip hop and b-boy breaks, as well as reggae and some very special guests.’
    • ‘We showcased a lot of talent last weekend; I think there were about 20 b-boys that came out to compete.’
    • ‘Local b-boys and b-girls have showcased strongly, most notably Pump, who last year caught the eye of New York promoters while performing in the '99 national finals.’
    • ‘Having caught on to the London-based trend of hip hop dance classes, Da Angelo productions offers up a brand-new course for all aspiring b-boys and b-girls in Montreal.’
    • ‘While New York speeds its way back to ‘business as usual,’ Crazy Legs and Rock Steady Crew continue to move ahead with plans that have the b-boys of the world in mind.’
    • ‘And what about the breakdancing, featuring Stirling b-boys Allan Irvine and Wallace Sulley?’
    • ‘Head spins and leaps were the order of the day, with the b-boys showing off their nimbleness and flexibility.’
    • ‘‘B-Boy Stance’ was the first single, which I still think is far better with the b-boy / b-girl video.’
    • ‘There will also be a b-boy / b-girl competition and - get this - a live snowboarding event held outside, courtesy of The Source.’


1980s from b- (probably short for break or breakbeat) + boy.