Meaning of babbitt metal in English:

babbitt metal

Pronunciation /ˈbabɪt ˌmɛt(ə)l/


mass noun
  • A soft alloy of tin, antimony, copper, and usually lead, used to line bearings.

    ‘To complete this operation, it is necessary to remove the block of babbitt metal from the back of the knife.’
    • ‘The Carbonite Babbitt Metal is a 4 To 5 Pound Bar and is the most serviceable low cost lead based babbitt metal for general utility uses.’
    • ‘Of the methods performed, only the tin-bath method consistently produced a bond stronger than the babbitt metal itself.’
    • ‘There he made the first brass cannon in the United States, and in 1839 he produced the first babbitt metal, for use in steam engines.’


Mid 19th century named after Isaac Babbitt (1799–1862), the American inventor of the lining.