Meaning of babe in arms in English:

babe in arms


  • A baby that is too young to walk.

    ‘her first child is still only a babe in arms’
    • ‘He loved to be cradled like a babe in arms.’
    • ‘With him was his wife, Alice, who had a babe in arms.’
    • ‘My parents took me, a babe in arms, on their overseas trip.’
    • ‘Nappies haven't figured large in my life since I was a babe in arms.’
    • ‘I haven't been to church since I was a babe in arms.’
    • ‘I dont know if Bob, who was baptized as a babe in arms, will pray the sinners prayer.’
    • ‘By the end I felt really uncomfortable, manhandling a vulnerable female with a babe in arms.’
    • ‘Let's not forget that he was born in Hollywood, the son of Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges, and made his screen debut as a babe in arms.’
    • ‘Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to have a babe in arms and how soon until my 2 month old will no longer want to be held.’
    • ‘Milvina was a babe in arms and can't remember anything, and the other two ladies won't talk about it.’