Meaning of baby bouncer in English:

baby bouncer


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  • A harness suspended by elastic or a spring, into which a baby is put, with its feet within reach of the floor, to exercise its legs.

    ‘So, I get the pot of carefully home-made carrot & pea puree, strap him into a baby bouncer (suitably swathed with a muslin square), bib him and take a deep breath.’
    • ‘In the last few years the turkey processing plant Twydale's has closed, as well as clothing manufacturer Dewhirst, as well as Cindico, which made baby bouncers.’
    • ‘The other is that I'm in a cot or a baby bouncer or something and I hear someone clearly say something about ‘three day week’.’
    • ‘We offer advice like putting a baby bouncer in an optimal position so when a mother is busy, the child can watch the care-giver as they move around.’
    • ‘He researched seasickness so that troops would be in top condition for D Day by making an adult size baby bouncer in the lab, swallowing a balloon attached to a pressure gauge, and bouncing around nauseously.’