Meaning of baby doll in English:

baby doll



  • 1A doll designed to look like a baby.

    • ‘his younger sister brought home a baby doll that closed its eyes’
    1. 1.1US informal, dated A girl or woman with pretty, ingenuous, childlike looks.
      • ‘she's an absolute baby doll’
      • ‘hey, baby doll, how are you this morning?’


  • Denoting a style of women's clothing resembling that traditionally worn by a doll or young child, especially short, high-waisted, short-sleeved dresses.

    ‘she looked chic in a gold baby-doll dress’
    • ‘The baby-doll style cardigan on the right is by Paul and Joe.’
    • ‘At Cocoa Lilly, West Mall, female buyers seem to be impressed by brightly-coloured tops, particularly those in the baby-doll style.’
    • ‘This very care-free line has reintroduced the delicious baby-doll sun dress: pleated, colored and held in place by top-stitched bands.’
    • ‘She's a femme fatale with cheek, dressed in a see-through raincoat which does absolutely nothing to hide the suit that's more baby-doll than career girl.’
    • ‘The posh crowd - that of dress pants and diamond earrings, that this venue usually houses - was replaced by berets, tunics, dreadlocks, tie-die, baby-doll dresses, leg warmers and the fragrance of ganja and patchouli.’
    • ‘Ashalea wore a baby-doll, polkadotted Supre dress and impressed the audience by speaking in Japanese and thus alerting the nation to the fact that the ‘live’ part of coming to you ‘live’ is a slight exaggeration.’
    • ‘All the girls were wearing go-go boots and miniskirts at a time my mother was still putting me in puff-sleeved baby-doll dresses.’
    • ‘Molly soldiers on alone, wearing dresses that look like baby-doll pyjamas.’
    • ‘The ten dancers are clad like hillbilly kids, the men in arch Huck Finn overalls, the women (flipping unbound tresses) in baby-doll dresses.’
    • ‘If Cobain thought nothing of pulling a tattered baby-doll dress over jeans, combining a Pendleton shirt with a kilt, or wrapping said shirt at his hips like a skirt, designers are taking a tidier route.’
    • ‘Let's start with the fashion: Anyone remember baby-doll dresses?’
    • ‘For 834,000 people at least, Helmut Lang's baby-doll dresses are a good deal more interesting than Ken Clarke versus Iain Duncan Smith.’
    • ‘Kaitie picked pink shorts, baby-doll flowered tank top, and a matching hairpiece, pink socks, and white shoes.’
    • ‘Italian fashion brand Miu Miu uses a slightly sinister image of a waif-like model, clothed in a baby-doll dress and perched on a bed.’
    • ‘The less said about her baby-doll mini dress over jeans combo thing the better.’
    • ‘The York fireman rushed into a burning building and rescued a beautiful young woman clad only in a baby-doll nightie.’
    • ‘Choose a classic corset dress, or something like this limited-edition, Swarovski crystal-studded, baby-doll frock.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Ricki-Lee strapped herself into that rather tiresome outfit of tight-jeans + billowy baby-doll top thing.’
    • ‘The body of the mother of three, still wearing a blue baby-doll nightdress, was found 21 years later by amateur divers in August 1997.’
    • ‘There is a really pretty bejewelled baby-doll frock that is similar to a Miu Miu design.’
    young woman, young lady, girl, slip of a girl