Meaning of baby fat in English:

baby fat


mass noun
  • 1Fat on the body of a baby or child that disappears as it grows up.

    ‘Nearly a fifth of young kids are not losing their baby fat.’
    • ‘In my early 20s, there was still some baby fat hanging around.’
    • ‘Almost all my lovers had had a little bit of baby fat around the middle.’
    • ‘This may have been a result of the boys losing some residual "baby fat."’
    • ‘To my surprise, I found that my bridegroom still had large pockets of baby fat on his body.’
    • ‘This young man had no baby fat at all.’
    • ‘She was still quite slender, and only had traces of baby fat left.’
    • ‘Her cheeks were still rosy and round with baby fat.’
    • ‘He reported to camp 12 pounds lighter and with a lot less of the baby fat he had as a rookie.’
    • ‘People lose weight when they grow up; they lose their baby fat.’
    • ‘He has lost some weight, but a lot of that was just getting rid of baby fat.’
    • ‘Also, if your BMI is over 28, it's probably not baby fat.’
    • ‘All the baby fat was gone.’
    • ‘You are losing baby fat and baby teeth and baby ways.’
    • ‘Unable to shed her baby fat, Gretchen stayed plump as she grew.’
    • ‘Ricci, who has shed her baby fat and developed refined features, is luminous, looking much like a '40s starlet.’
    • ‘But could that baby fat translate into obesity later on?’
    • ‘We both had our baby fat - that's what I think when I look at the early pictures.’
    • ‘Showing ample signs of the baby fat that made him famous as a toddler, the chocolate boy is still looking for his space in the industry.’
    • ‘However, at the age of two, she had already lost much of her baby fat, and was in a fair way to becoming as gaunt as her older siblings.’
    1. 1.1The extra body fat that a woman may develop during pregnancy.
      ‘Perhaps she is in possession of a magic spell that whisks away baby fat quicker than you can say "do you think I'm sexy?"’
      • ‘She had a 10-week-old baby when we started training; she was nursing the kid and she had all this baby fat, and she just made an incredible recovery.’