Meaning of bacchanalian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbakəˈneɪlɪən/

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  • Characterized by or given to drunken revelry.

    ‘a bacchanalian orgy’
    • ‘Since medieval times their annual fair was famous not only for its heights of bacchanalian revelry but also for the ferocious brawls that would inevitably break out.’
    • ‘After one too many bacchanalian orgies, Timon realizes that he's squandered his entire fortune and turns to his many friends for financial support.’
    • ‘What, mused Jean-Pierre, had happened to the bacchanalian orgy we feared and hoped for?’
    • ‘The answer, of course, lies in a word unfamiliar to as many fitness enthusiasts as it is to the bacchanalian hedonist - moderation.’
    • ‘The life of a supermodel often conjures images of diva designers, bacchanalian parties and jet-set extravagance.’
    • ‘The heart and soul of the movie is Alan, a shy Texan teetotaller who's confronted with a display of bacchanalian excess that would've impressed Caligula.’
    • ‘You'll also check out archaeological digs at ancient sites, see fresh mozzarella di bufala stretched by hand, and end the days with bacchanalian feasts and luxe rooms in cliff-perched palaces.’
    • ‘He was mainly active in Rome, where he arrived c. 1625-8 and became the leader of the Schildersbent, a bacchanalian fraternity of Netherlandish artists living in the city.’
    • ‘But in that typically unabashed and upfront Californian way - though she was actually born in Phoenix, Arizona - she refuses to be coy about the band's bacchanalian excesses.’
    • ‘The gaudy, bacchanalian atmosphere of the late Nineties coincided with the biggest boom in Wall Street's history and, after the collapse of various high-profile stocks, people seemed to sober up a bit.’
    • ‘Val Kilmer plays the fallen porn idol as a stoned, hairy, white-trash Jim Morrison, stumbling in a haze through the treacheries of LA's barely hidden bacchanalian rot.’
    • ‘One of the reasons Hollywood has always liked sword-and-sandal epics is that it has vainly seen itself in the lascivious, bacchanalian lifestyle of the rich and Roman.’
    • ‘True, the book is subtle and extremely restrained, compared to writers' coming-of-age bacchanalian classics like On the Road.’
    • ‘There is nothing wild or bacchanalian to report.’
    • ‘A rare and ancient wine bowl depicting bacchanalian scenes of naked men and women has emerged.’
    • ‘I resorted to telemarketing to pay for my bacchanalian lifestyle during the lean years of college.’
    • ‘Not that my life has been a wild bacchanalian phantasmagoria of debauchery and dissipation, but I've had my moments.’
    • ‘It kind of reminds me of the underlying significance of the bacchanalian frivolity of Carnival back home.’
    • ‘A country so rich in frescoes and carvings of bacchanalian festivities must know a thing or two about making wine.’
    • ‘Luckily enough, most of Scotland was spared shameful scenes of bacchanalian excess.’
    hedonistic, sensualist, pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent, indulgent, libertine, sybaritic, voluptuary, lotus-eating