Meaning of Bach flower remedies in English:

Bach flower remedies

(also Bach remedies)

Pronunciation /batʃ/

plural noun

  • Preparations of the flowers of various plants used in a system of complementary medicine intended to relieve ill health by influencing underlying emotional states.

    ‘Nicky has plans to plant a Bach flower remedy garden in the grounds of the house to reflect its interior.’
    • ‘The Bach flower remedies, the acupuncture, continued exercise and remaining generally active, not to mention the amitryptiline… there just wasn't anything that seemed at all promising.’
    • ‘Many women find pregnancy stressful, and this can be a particularly good time to turn to safe, non-invasive options such as Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, kinesiology and other therapies.’
    • ‘But from the UK, we now have reports of ‘herbal remedies for rabbits, Bach flower remedies for dogs, therapeutic touch for cats, and Ayurvedic medicine for horses.’’
    • ‘Then, there is the stall detailing the Bach flower remedies and herbal cures for the hair and skin.’


1970s named after Edward Bach (1886–1936), British physician.