Meaning of bachelor apartment in English:

bachelor apartment



  • 1North American An apartment occupied by a bachelor.

    1. 1.1An apartment consisting of a single large main room; a studio flat.
      ‘I wondered if I would feel any different if I really were single, with no place but a bachelor apartment to return to at the end of my trip.’
      • ‘On September 24, Meader received a call stating she could not move into the bachelor apartment until September 26 and was expected to pay another $150 for April's rent.’
      • ‘But the average rent for a bachelor apartment in Calgary is $509 a month.’
      • ‘Stepping into my bachelor apartment, I walked into the small but bright kitchen and threw the contents of the mail box on the green counter top.’
      • ‘Andrew and Flynn sat slumped on the sofa in Andrew's bachelor apartment, neither really watching the program on TV.’