Meaning of bachelor party in English:

bachelor party


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  • A party given for a man who is about to get married, typically one attended by men only.

    ‘Alex has a bachelor party to attend on Saturday.’
    • ‘And then of course the boys must attend the bachelor party, we wouldn't think of leaving you out!’
    • ‘Later in the week, I was to attend a bachelor party for a friend of mine.’
    • ‘Besides I've got a wedding to attend and as tradition has it a bachelor party to plan.’
    • ‘There is to be a boys-only bachelor party tomorrow night, which I'll not be attending, opting instead for the co-ed festivities on Saturday.’
    • ‘It might be easiest to make a slight compromise - remain in the wedding party but politely opt out of the bachelor party.’
    • ‘I had a terrible hangover after my bachelor party, which didn't help.’
    • ‘The likelihood of my friends thinking a strip club is good to place have a bachelor party is pretty strong.’
    • ‘Finding a tux, having a good stripper at the bachelor party and planning the honeymoon are the main points.’
    • ‘I was at the bachelor party and while I was sitting, Ethan and I got in a discussion about marriage.’
    • ‘No, I'm actually heading out in a few minutes to a bachelor party for one of my subcontractors.’
    • ‘Is this your pathetic idea of a bachelor party?’
    • ‘The morning after his bachelor party he wakes up next to Julia, who was one of the ‘hula girls ‘hired for his stag extravaganza.’’
    • ‘When Paul wakes up in bed with Becky the morning after his bachelor party, it ignites a chain of slapstick events that force him to wonder if he's marrying the right woman.’
    • ‘I am getting married in two months, and I am scared to death that my future hubby will have a bachelor party in which the guys go to certain ‘clubs’ or they will have the entertainment brought in.’
    • ‘I knew we could get in a lot of golf, and though I hadn't been to Myrtle since a bachelor party 10 years ago, I figured we could do it comfortably under $2,000.’
    • ‘Did it hurt your feelings when your brothers didn't come to your bachelor party?’
    • ‘The following Saturday night, we held the bachelor party.’
    • ‘It's a cliche, but so are strippers at a bachelor party.’
    • ‘The movie looks at one of the oldest and oddest of ‘civilized’ conventions: the bachelor party.’