Meaning of back-arc in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the area behind an island arc.

    ‘back-arc basin’
    • ‘The Kinik rocks have characteristics of ophiolites formed in oceanic or back-arc basins rather than island-arc settings based on a number of observations.’
    • ‘Deformation is complex, with normal faulting and strike-slip faulting in the geomorphological back-arc basin.’
    • ‘What remains unclear is whether the rocks formed in an open ocean or a marginal back-arc basin associated with a subduction zone.’
    • ‘Like all other Mediterranean back-arc basins, extension in the central Aegean region was superimposed on a thick Alpine orogenic crust, which was shaped in Early Tertiary times.’
    • ‘We propose that these sediments were deposited in a forearc or back-arc basin of the Oytag arc.’